In these troubled times, it is a great relief to know that we possess within ourselves both the prevention for and remedy to any form of illness.

Auto Urine Therapy (also known as AUT, Shivambhu, Amaroli, Urine therapy, UT), is a 5000-year-old yoga practice using one’s urine ( a sterile, natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial substance) to maintain and restore one’s health. Isn’t this amazing? Western Medicine has created so much misunderstanding about the nature of our urine.

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What is Urine?

Urine is Golden Blood Plasma Water that your body purifies million of times into a perfect blend of ultra filtered nutrients, specifically for you and exactly when you need it!!!



Link to in depth description of the composition of urine

From Golden Fountain by Coen van der Kroon pgs.81-83


How I got involved with Urine Therapy

In the early 90’s I suffered from eczema on my hands so severe that I had to wear gloves. I had tried all the creams and ointments that medicine had to offer. A friend suggested that I try soaking my hands in urine. Within a week, the eczema was gone. I was deeply impressed. I decided to explore UT more deeply and began to drink it daily, drop it into my eyes, rubbing it in my hair and on my skin before showering and doing a urine enema once every couple of months. I have been doing this regimen ever since.


Urine is a key to your Immune System!

Homeopathy is the introduction of a small amount of a foreign element into one’s body in order to create an immunity to that element. Vaccines are based on this principle. Your urination is giving a moment to moment report of what is going on in your body. When you ingest your own urine, you are creating a dynamic feedback loop that allows your body to develop immunity to any foreign elements in your system. 

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What is a Virus?

As some of you may know, a virus is non-living genetic material encapsulated in a microscopic sphere. This sphere has spikes sticking out from the surface which when in the proximity of living cells will pierce the cell membrane and inject the RNA and DNA into the living cells. The living cell then replicates this material and becomes the way the virus spreads. Ingesting urine creates a homeopathic feedback loop giving your system the opportunity to develop immunity to whatever is in your body. A strong immune system will prevent these viral spikes from piercing the cell membrane.

In depth description of the nature of viruses by Gregg Braden



When you begin the practice of Urine Therapy, the ability and power of self-health care will be in your hands as you take responsibility for your personal well being. At a time when our health care system is so motivated to make money from people’s ill health, I consider Urine Therapy to be an empowering option prior to the Universal Health Care system that is coming to America.


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 With 30 million people currently practicing AUT in 50 countries,  personal success stories are continually being documented and shared throughout the world.

Link to testimonials about Urine Therapy

from Golden Fountain by Coen van der Kroon pgs. 92-103



There is a lot of misunderstanding about the coronavirus pandemic, about viruses, our immune system and the nature of urine. While science is looking for an anti-coronavirus drug, humanity is overlooking one of the best ways to prevent and cure any illness. Urine Therapy has been around a lot longer than modern medicine and is a one-cure-for-many-illnesses solution because it’s created in real time to the needs of your own body. 

Doctors will say that there are no scientific studies showing the Urine Therapy works, but there are no studies showing it doesn’t work and there won’t be (at least by the Medical Industry) because Urine therapy is competition for Western Medicine and the latter does not want the truth to get out.

Books about Urine Therapy


If you want to try Urine Therapy and need instruction, go this link and find 14 different ways to begin practicing.



Please let us know how it goes!

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