The Golden Age of Well-Being

Our mission is to support and educate individuals

to take responsibility for their personal well-being

through the daily practice of auto-urine therapy.



To tip the tipping point, increased cosmic energy/light is here. It is visible as Shivambhu.

 To reach all minds, wider audience messengers are using voices & instruments, like Social Media, TV, radio and books.

When 9News aired a story recently on the Urine Therapy meetup of Colorado at the Boulder Library, it released an avalanche of attention, discussion & growing interest in Orin Therapy.

Click here to see the media coverage.

All responses, positive or negative continue to bring added energy to this sacred mission & message.

The Global Shivambu Awareness Mission is positioning itself as a major education and awareness leader or branch in the Shivambhu movement?

We need you to join us in any way you can to help with all the details, structure, public outreach and day to day work involved in building, maintaining & growing a global mission set to serve all humanity. 

Bless you for coming home to our water family and especially coming home to you.

Let us know today.

Brotherly Water Love

Brother Sage

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