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  • How long have you been practicing Urine Therapy?: 46 years
  • Why did you start practicing Urine Therapy?: because it seemed interesting
  • What ailments have you cured through the use of Urine Therapy?: poison oak, strep throat, sore throats, cancer, cuts, cramped muscles, eye floaters.
  • Do you drink fresh urine?: yes
  • How much urine do you drink daily?: 3 or 4 cups - sometimes more
  • What other ways do you use fresh urine?: eye drops, shampoo, deodorant, soaking feet, skin lotion.
  • Do you use aged urine?: yes
  • In what ways do you use aged urine?: skin lotion, drinking for general health, ear drops, gargle to deal with a cough.
  • Do you feel Urine Therapy protects you against the coronavirus?: yes or it will get me through the virus if i get it.
  • If you were to recommend Urine Therapy to a friend what would you say?: urine is not a waste product. urine is filled with healing properties and heals a myriad of ailments and all you need is an open mind to discover the power of urine. if you're interested then do a little research. google - Urine Therapy for healing.
  • Is there anything else you would like to add about Urine Therapy and your relationship with it?: i'm grateful to have discovered urine therapy and to save myself from the trial and errors of chemical medicine.
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