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  • How long have you been practicing Urine Therapy?: 3 Years
  • Why did you start practicing Urine Therapy?: Depression and confusion about diet
  • What ailments have you cured through the use of Urine Therapy?: I found a life direction, successfully dealing with the depression, and have majorly improved my GI tract and whole body.
  • Do you drink fresh urine?: Yes
  • How much urine do you drink daily?: I loop back 60%+ of my urine.
  • What other ways do you use fresh urine?: I age it, I foot soak with it, and I wash my hair with it.
  • Do you use aged urine?: yes
  • In what ways do you use aged urine?: diluted enemas and foot soak
  • Do you feel Urine Therapy protects you against the coronavirus?: viruses dont exist
  • If you were to recommend Urine Therapy to a friend what would you say?: just drink it!
  • Is there anything else you would like to add about Urine Therapy and your relationship with it?: We are 99% water by # of molecules and this is the best water on earth for humans
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