30 years ago Urine Therapy healed my hands from eczema!

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In the early 90s I had eczema on my hands so bad that I had to wear gloves. I had tried all the remedies suggested by Western Medicine. A friend suggested soaking my hands in urine. I did this for 10 minutes twice a day for a week and by the end of the week the eczema was completely gone. I was very impressed. I started studying Urine Therapy and began to drink it in the morning daily. I also put 3 drops in my eyes every morning. In addition, once a week I rub aged urine into my hair and onto my body before showering. Additionally, I do a fresh urine enema every 8 weeks.

However the real shift came at the beginning of the pandemic. I had been used to getting colds and flues occasionally up until this point. A friend suggested sip looping which is when you drink at least a sip from every urination. The idea here is that urine creates a homeopathic feedback loop for the body and when you take a sip from every urination, you constantly update your body as to the state it’s in. It’s been about a year and a half I have not been sick since beginning this protocol. A few times I could feel something in my body trying to get me sick, so I would up the dosage to a full cup and so far Looping Urine has kept me protected against colds, flues and the coronavirus. !

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