Shivambhu is here to inform the world human population of the goldmine of health freedom within their own bodies.

We encourage people to become health sovereigns – ie., people who own the rights to their own health.

The human family would take an evolutionary leap forward by adopting Urine Therapy.



We are conducting a testimony campaign, culling the first hand accounts from the estimated thirty million world wide users.

We as UT practicing humans are empowered with our inherent health and need not fall victim to the false belief that western medicine has the only answers.

We are advocates of people establishing a baseline of free and natural inherent health through Urine Therapy leaving Western Medicine to supplement with what it does best, treating symptoms.

The plan is simple. Collect testimonies from the 30 million world wide practitioners. Capture the confidence they possess regarding Urine Therapy as the foundation of their well being. After securing and posting these testimonies on the Shivambhu website, we will begin a global awareness initiative using the testimonies as social proof.

Our goal is to increase global usage from 30 million to 300 million practitioners, triggering a critical mass leading to world wide adoption. When this health rung of survival is climbed humanity will have their attention freed up to focus on things beyond survival.

This will elevate humanity to our role of empowered stewards of this planet.

To reiterate, our actions going forward are to collect testimonies, secure testimonies in a safe place and to embark on a campaign that will ubiquitously create awareness of Urine Therapy as key to foundational health.


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We want Shivambhu to become a common word in the vocabulary of  the human species.

This campaign will be presented via Email, Website, Social Media, Television, Radio, Interviews, and support of Celebrities including Oprah Winfrey.

In addition, we seek to bring all the coalitions of urine therapy groups together for greater impact in the world.

It is for these efforts that we seek funding. Please be generous as the fate of the human species and the planet earth is influenced by your donation.

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